This project was a four panel brochure for self-promotion using Adobe Illustrator. My theme was exploration inspired by the recent developments by SpaceX. Doing research I found four different ideas connecting to exploration. After sketching I came up with an idea of making a playing card revolving around each idea. I decided to use skulls surrounded by different tools to represent the idea of what is needed for explorations. I used a complementary color scheme and a shape to make each panel unique. I put the objects surrounding the skull in a balanced composition to give it the feel of a playing card. This project showcases my abilities in illustrator to create a vector image from using the pen tool.

The Wizard:
Issac Newton is renowed around the scientific community for his laws of motion and his contributions to mathematics. In the time of Newton science was new and up-coming although the enlightenment was already passed many scientists were revered as magicians an alchemists. These early scientists were un-aware that they would lay the ground work for modern chemistry and physics. The objects in this panel represent that idea of early discovery and the mis-understanding of the people around them. The objects represent the tools that they used to perform this "magic". The skull is a representation of what these scientists might have been portrayed as in this time period, "magicians".

The Sailor:
The sea was the largest objects of contention to early explorers. Until the late 1400's the world was thought to be smaller than it actually is. Early explorers like Columbus and Magellan sailed the seas to find new routes to get around the world to explore and exploit the new world. Sailing the seas provided many challenges of survival and being prepared with right supplies. The objects represent the tools necessary to survive the sea and all its peril. The skull is the sailor with his captains hat to represent the type of person it takes to explore the world's oceans. 

The Explorer:
One of greatest discoveries in modern science is the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin brought this idea into the minds of many people. His exploration of the Galapagos islands was an insight into the way that nature develops naturally. Exploring  nature has always been one of the most challenging tasks of human-kind since the dawn of time. With billions of creatures to find throughout the world our exploration of the worlds organisms may never end. The objects represent the challenges, and dangers necessary for exploring nature. The skull is a depiction of of the jungle explorer portrayed in movies and old pictures and his taste of exploration which keeps people going.
The Thinker:
Inspired by Albert Einstein and his theories of relativity. Einstein pushed the world of physics into a new era and created ideas that we have now about the sub-atomic and the larger world around us. His theories of time and space are always challenged but he is still proved right met of the time. His exploration into the the unseen world is what I reflected int this panel. The objects around symbolize the theories of general and special relativity. The skull in the middle is inspired by the famous sculpture "the thinker". This panel is dedicated to the exploration of the mind and the unseen world which we will be exploring in the future.
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